Our Mission

The aim of The Volunteer Pool is to match business volunteers writes essays for you with local voluntary placements,Ai??and to make it easier than ever to start making a difference in the local community.

The Volunteer Pool also provides advice and guidanceAi??toAi??local employers, their staff (who may be potential volunteers) and charities.

With more skilled volunteers, we know that local charities will be able to deliver better support and services to people in our community. Ultimately, this contributes to making Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole a better place to live and work in.

How does it work?

If you’re a local charitable organisation, you can use The Volunteer Pool to upload your volunteering opportunities. You can assign each opportunity different search criteria to make it easier for local volunteers to find the roles to suit them. You can also find advice and helpful information on this website.

If you’re a business and want to encourage your employees to volunteer – or to simply find out more – you can use The Volunteer Pool to help find suitable opportunities and share either directly with staff or with their managers.

And if you’re an employee looking to donate your skills and time, you can use thisAi??website to search for volunteering opportunities, and to apply online.

Behind the success of initiatives like The Volunteer Pool, lie the willingness and commitment buy essays here of businesses and their staff to provide their expertise and time as volunteers.

Ai??Where next?

Head to our Volunteer, Business and Charity pages for support and advice on volunteering. Or, get started with our search tool to start finding opportunities now.

For more information about The Volunteer Pool, what we do and who we are, contact us.

Who are we?


The Volunteer Pool is led by Poole CVS and Bournemouth CVS; two local charities dedicated to developing and supporting the voluntary sector. We aim to help voluntary organisations by working in these five areas:

  • Identifying a need in the local community and doing what we can to ensure services grow to meet these needs.
  • Giving advice to voluntary groups, both new and existing, so that they can function effectively.
  • Helping the sector communicate – holding meetings and publishing communications such as newsletters and e-mail alerts.
  • Making it possible for the views of the sector to be made known to local agencies.
  • Ensuring the sector is represented in local policy making.

Key to the success of The Volunteer Pool is the support of our business partners: Barclays Bank, Barclays Wealth, JP Morgan and LV=.

We would particularly like to thank Hireserve, who have designed and built The Volunteer Pool platform to connect local businesses with volunteering organisations.