Why encourage your staff to volunteer?

As an employer in Poole, Bournemouth and the wider Dorset area, top of your agenda are likely to be the following: to enhance employee engagement, widen your professional network, and strengthen your business’ profile in your local community.

The good news? Supporting The Volunteer Pool can help you achieve all three of these aims.

We know from local business feedback and national research that business volunteering can help businesses perform more effectively in the following areas:

Staff retention and recruitment
Staff who are encouraged to develop their skills and experiences tend to be more engaged with their employer and will subsequently perform better. Likewise, employees involved in community initiatives are more satisfied with their work.

Sharing and developing skills
Team members can share their skills, whilst also developing new ones. Business volunteering placements can strengthen skills from communication, teamwork and self-awareness, to creativity, confidence and coaching and mentoring.

Staff belief in your brand and values
Demonstrating that you’re a socially conscious employer will encourage staff buy-in to your vision and values. Encouraging team members from the top down to share positive volunteering experiences will further motivate and engage employees.

Understanding local communities and markets
We know from feedback that businesses can gain knowledge about local markets and develop their networks through employee volunteering. Meanwhile, consumers are more likely to buy from a company which is visible in their local communities.

What your support means to local charities:

  • Access to a diverse talent pool of professional volunteers
  • Expertise in less common volunteering functions, such as HR or Marketing
  • Opportunities to meet other organisations in your professional network
  • Introduction to staff or colleagues who may be interested in a Trustee position
  • Possible long term partnerships that can help organisations utilise business expertise and implement new processes and/or initiatives

How can you get involved?

At The Volunteer Pool, we help match people to relevant volunteering opportunities. The Volunteer Pool can help your staff find rewarding opportunities that make a difference both to their professional development and their community.

The majority of opportunities listed on this site are for individual volunteers who are prepared to be involved on a regular basis. However, we understand from local employers that volunteering alone can be a daunting prospect for some. As such, many charities are open to welcoming two or three volunteers offering their help together.

You and your staff can dive in and make a difference to people and causes in your local area.

Get started!

This could be the most important thing on your to-do list today. Please Search for Volunteer Roles either for yourself or for your employees to discover staff volunteering opportunities which could benefit your business and the community.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and let’s start a conversation about what you’re looking to achieve and how The Volunteer Pool can support you.

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