How can you attract skilled volunteers in Poole, Bournemouth and beyond?

In our local area, we know that there are many, many charitable organisations that need people to donate their time and skills. Luckily, there are also many people who want to volunteer. But how can you make sure your cause gets the talent it needs?

The Volunteer Pool is here to help

The Volunteer Pool is a way to connect people and charities in the Poole and wider Dorset community. We use smart technology, delivered by specialists Hireserve, to match a person’s search criteria with relevant volunteering opportunities. Potential volunteers can search by location, skills or even time to find prospects that work for them.

It’s essential that, if your organisation appears in a person’s search results, you can immediately engage with them and attract their attention.

How to encourage people to donate their time to you

People volunteer for different reasons. Some want to give back because they have a personal connection to a cause. Others want to strengthen their CVs or gain experience for a new career path. Some people simply want a rewarding and meaningful way to spend some free time. We’ve put together some ideas around how to appeal to potential volunteers in the box to the right.

What’s next?

Please contact us if you would like more information about The Volunteer Pool, or guidance from us about how to use this website.

Alternatively, you can register your voluntary placement(s) here.

How to engage potential volunteers:

  • Be very clear about what your charity does. Outline what your aims and objectives are. What is your main focus – care, change, research?
  • Explain how someone’s volunteering efforts will help you to achieve your organisation’s aims.
  • Demonstrate how you value your volunteers. Do you offer training? Will they have someone to support them? They’re donating their time, so ensure they understand how much you value them.
  • Be upfront about the minimum time commitment you require from potential volunteers.
  • Be specific about the skills you’re looking for from people, but don’t put off potential volunteers who don’t have the full package as they may well have other skills which you could utilise, perhaps in a different role.
  • Be approachable. Explain you’ll be happy to talk to people about a volunteering role if they have questions, and encourage people to get in touch.
  • List the benefits that volunteering for you will offer people. What additional skills or experiences could volunteers gain, and how will this support them with their career development?
  • Remember, we’re all people! Use pictures, quotes from other volunteers and, if appropriate, a smattering of humour.

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